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Get your passport photos done right the first time with our World Spec Passport Photos service. We provide passport photos that meet the specific requirements of countries worldwide, ensuring your application process is smooth and hassle-free. Whether you’re traveling for business, leisure, or immigration, we’ve got you covered.

Popular Countries and Their Passport Photo Specifications:

• United States: 2 x 2 inches
• Canada: 50 x 70 mm
• United Kingdom: 35 x 45 mm
• Australia: 35 x 45 mm
• Germany: 35 x 45 mm
• France: 35 x 45 mm
• Italy: 35 x 45 mm
• Spain: 35 x 45 mm
• Japan: 35 x 45 mm
• China: 33 x 48 mm
• Russia: 35 x 45 mm
• Dominican Republic: 2 x 2 inches
• Jamaica: 35 x 45 mm
• Trinidad and Tobago: 35 x 45 mm
• Saint Lucia: 35 x 45 mm
• Grenada: 35 x 45 mm

Special Requirements:

• U.S. Green Card: 2 x 2 inches
• DV Lottery: 2 x 2 in - 600 x 600 pixels (digital format)

Why Choose Us?

• Guaranteed Compliance: We ensure your passport photos meet the exact specifications required by each country.
• High Quality: Crisp, clear, and professional photos that are accepted by official authorities.
• Convenience: Order online and receive your passport photos quickly and efficiently.
• Affordable Pricing: Competitive rates for all passport photo sizes and specifications.

Before you upload your picture:

  1. Please ensure that you do not wear glasses in your passport photo.
  2. Stand against a plain wall when taking your picture.
  3. Capture your photo from the waist up.
  4. Avoid using zoom on your phone or camera; instead, physically move closer to the subject.
  5. Keep your head straight and look directly at the camera.
  6. Each individual is responsible for their own photo, as we do not take the photo ourselves. Therefore, we will design and print the photo exactly as submitted.

Disclaimer: Passport size specifications vary for different uses and countries. If you are unsure which size to purchase, feel free to contact us for guidance after placing your order.

This photo once processed and completed we hold no liability as this photo was not taken by us. We guide you for the best result. this photo is good for up to 6 months
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